Sofia written with cubes

Hello, I’m Sofia! The FCR Vice-president

  • Video Postproduction Specialist
  • Immersive Media Innovator
  • International Relations
  • Creative Solutions
  • Headhunter
  • Project Management
  • Fulldome
  • Accounting
  • Researcher
  • Videomapping
  • up-to-date on interdiciplinary Innovation
  • Entrepreneur

A multi-awarded over-enthusiastic people-person specialized in Audiovision and Immersive media with a natural talent for connecting like-minded people worldwide.

Since April 2019, she lives in her beloved Ruhrgebiet, where she first arrived as an international guest of FCR, and since then are building together the transformation of the Ruhr through cooperation and exchange of creators and researchers, ideas, and projects, dedicated to the combination of Art, Science and Technology.

Sofia Mellino

The era of Re-Invention

My FCR Projects